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Our Story

  • 2009

    Workfolio’s Mission

    Workfolio was founded in 2009 with the mission of helping individuals and organizations get more visibility for the work they do.
  • 2009

    Workfolio Personal Website

    Until Workfolio debuted, almost all website builders had focused on websites for small businesses. Creating a personal website tailored specifically to chronicle and highlight individual career accomplishments was time-consuming and often frustrating due to the absence of customized applications. By specializing on websites for individuals to tell their own unique stories, the Workfolio Website application made it easy for anyone to create a stunning personal website in minutes. Individual user accolades and our partnerships within the outplacement and talent management sectors have helped propel Workfolio Website to become a leading global provider of personal websites for job seekers, thought leaders, managers, executives and individual contributors.
  • 2013

    Workfolio Directory

    In 2013, our client organizations who had enjoyed the success of Workfolio Website began asking if we would help them elevate the visibility of their workforce. Many were grappling with how to catalog, manage and present their workforce for internal visibility, public marketing or private access for clients and prospects. In response, in 2019 Workfolio released its workforce visibility platform, Workfolio Directory. With features including multiple profile variants for each member, easy content change approvals, and visibility controls, Workfolio is proud to be the most advanced, hosted directory solution available on the web. Since the 2019 introduction, Workfolio Directory has also been customized for selected industries, enhancing member visibility and adding value.
  • 2019

    Workfolio Client Microsites

    In 2019, Workfolio released Client Microsites to help professional service firms showcase their engagements, illuminate project teams and accentuate relevant resources when pitching to new clients. Within months of release, hundreds of Client Microsites have been created, resulting in an average proposal win-rate increase of 17% among our customers. Workfolio Client Microsites are highly flexible, enabling firms to customize content with team profiles, admin contacts, files and related links. In just a few easy steps, a page can be tailor-made for each prospect, complete with a custom URL and a secure, private password-protected page exclusive to every potential client. Workfolio Client Microsites present a polished, welcoming personalized site to enhance any professional service firm’s sales effort.
  • 2020

    Workfolio Case Studies

    Workfolio’s latest innovation, Case Studies, currently in private beta, helps organizations create compelling marketing case studies as well as manage their Case Study catalog to generate more business leads and recognition for their work.


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