A resource directory that is easily maintained, customized for the firm’s practice areas,
and presented to clients to win new engagements.

Customize your Directory to easily find anyone in the organization

As firms grow in numbers and geography so do the difficulties in finding people with specific expertise you need. Workfolio Directory lets you create an unlimited number of custom field drop-downs simplify searches. Clicking tags does a quick search to find others who match. Advanced search lets you build more complex queries to dive deeper into profile data.


Create and manage multiple profile variants tailored for different client types.

Workfolio Directory lets your practice easily maintain an online repository of multiple profile variants for each of your people and just as easily enable client views of only the relevant variant. Easily create default templates for uniformity and let everyone to keep their own profiles up-to-date while requiring content approvals by admins for peace of mind.

Client Microsites that differentiate your firm and increase proposal win-rate.

Workfolio Client Microsites reduces preparation time and enables multiple options for showcasing client histories, pertinent team profiles, and skills and talents. Co-brand for the client’s organization as well as share project related files and links. Secure password access for each client ensures that they see the specific profile that is most pertinent to their project. Your client microsites will impress clients and increase new proposal win-rates.


Directory Mobile App

Directory works great on mobile and tablet devices now and new, dedicated apps for iOS and Android are on the way